If Ocular melanoma spreads from the eye it can be very dangerous. Figures suggest that up to 50% of patients can have their cancer spread (metastasis). One of the first places for it to show up is in the liver. We list some of the options known to us at this time.

Below is a very good video on options for liver treatments as of 2017 at our nearest center of excellence Southampton University Hospital.


IMCgp100 Trials

*** UPDATE: DEC 2017 - IMCgp100 gets FASTRACK in UK - jump out to the news article website HERE ***

Though only in trial format this treatment is showing some promise. It is possible to access the trial in the UK. Unfortunately it only works for a subset of OM patients at the moment. Like all trials there is criteria the patient must meet . One of those is he/she has to  be of HLA-2 status so this will need to be tested before applying to the trial.  Around half of uveal melanoma patients are HLA-2 positive. This is a simple blood test and can be done here in Ireland.


Below is an extart from the 13/11/17 press release. You can read the full article here


Immunocore Presents Single Agent IMCgp100 data in Metastatic Uveal Melanoma Showing Durability, Doubling in One-Year Overall Survival Rate

~ Data shows a 73% one-year survival rate for metastatic uveal melanoma patients treated in two Phase I studies of IMCgp100 ~

(Oxford, UK and Conshohocken, US, 13 November 2017) Immunocore Limited, the world's leading TCR company developing biological drugs to treat cancer and infectious diseases, today announces durable tumour responses and strong overall survival data from two Phase I clinical trials of its wholly owned, lead programme, IMCgp100, in metastatic uveal melanoma.

The data, which show a near doubling in the average rate of overall survival compared with studies of other agents, was presented at the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) 32nd Annual Meeting on Saturday 11th November 2017, at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland, USA.

Immunocore's intra-patient dose escalation Phase I IMCgp100 study in metastatic uveal melanoma patients demonstrates a one-year overall survival (OS) rate of 73% (95% confidence interval [46, 88]) and a one-year progression-free-survival (PFS) rate of 62% based on the irRC criteria as of the data cut-off in October 2017. Median OS has not been reached with median follow-up of 12.8 months in this cohort.  The overall survival data from this study compare very favourably to studies with other agents, which show one-year OS rates of approximately 25-45%*.

Pharmacodynamic analysis demonstrated evidence of T cell infiltration and immune activation in tumours after IMCgp100 administration, with persistence of T cell infiltration in the setting of resistance, underpinning confidence in the efficacy observed with the T cell redirection technology of IMCgp100.

Percutaneous hepatic perfusion (PHP)

Liver-directed high dose chemotherapy evolved from a highly invasive open surgical procedure to a minimally invasive procedure known as percutaneous hepatic perfusion (PHP). During PHP, three catheters are placed percutaneously through standard interventional radiology techniques. The liver is temporarily isolated from the body’s circulatory system, during which time a 30 minute infusion of the chemotherapeutic agent melphalan hydrochloride directly to the liver occurs. The blood is collected as it exits the liver for filtration by proprietary filters prior to returning it to the patient.

A number of patients have travelled from Ireland to Southampton to have this proceedure. The american company behind the technology is called Delcath and they have an office in Galway. They have a helpful website for patients here www.againsttheodds.eu


Ocumelirl does NOT promote any treatment, we only report what we find in our travels for your information. Please at all times take appropriate qualified professional medical advice. However medical science is moving so fast that your Dr may not yet be aware of what is happening in other areas so It might be of benefit to point out whats new when you consult with him/her.