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Mar 2020 - Disulfiram and Zinc has good result in OM

This is an interesting article on Zinc. A case reported in the text is unusuall as it's about a patient who was  a 64-year-old woman who presented with a nonoperable central liver metastasis from a T2 ocular melanoma that had been removed 5 years previously. She was treated with a course of a drug disulfiram and Zn2+.

Repeat computed tomography and positron emission tomography scans after 3 months of therapy showed a >50% reduction in tumor size. A positron emission tomography scan 12 months after initiating treatment showed the lesions to be stable , and the most recent computed tomography scan after 42 months of treatment shows that residual hepatic disease has remained stable. She continues to be clinically well and physically active after 53 continuous months of therapy.”  You can read more about it HERE. We hope to explore more about ZINC and its potential in OM in the future.

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