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There are a number of radiation methods available to treat ocular melonma. The main purpose is to KILL the tumour with radiation.

Plaque Radiotherapy

Is where a small radioactive disk is place over the tumor. One can have 2 types of radioactive material, ruthenium and iodine. Iodine the stronger material is used for the bigger tumors >5mm.

Proton Beam Radiotherapy

This technology is used when plaque radiotherapy is not appropriate. A machine called a synchrotron or cyclotron speeds up the protons. The protons’ speed determines the energy level. High-energy protons travel deeper in the body than low-energy ones.The protons go to the targeted place in the body. There, they deposit the specific radiation dose in the tumor. With proton therapy, radiation does not go beyond the tumor. We link to a recent video diary of a proton beam patient from the BBC.

Stereotactic Radiotherapy
This treatment involves directing radiation at the tumour from several directions so as to maximise the dose of radiation within the tumour while minimising the radiation delivered to surrounding healthy tissues.

There is a better description of radiation treatments here The Liverpool Ocular Oncology Centre

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